PhonoTropismi Invites Inherent

by Inherent

PhonoTropismi Invites Inherent [Rome,IT]

Inherent is a DJ and Producer from Rome, Italy.

He started producing in 2015 and the last EP called “Axis EP” is released on Systolic Records. His past releases were on Off White Records, Circular Limited, , Aarden Records, DNC-Limited .

We give our welcome to Inherent in our roster with two deep techno tracks called "Aspen" and "Rock Rose" that will be released on 18th June.

Uploaded by 17 June 2020


PhonoTropismi is an Italian label founded in the spring of 2019 and based in Southern Italy. The idea came from observing the PhonoTropismo phenomenon which is the reaction that a human body has to...

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