PhonoTropismi Invites Empirical Distress

by Empirical Distress

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Empirical Distress, based on sorrow and pain but with the will to break from it. A person like any other, with their daily struggles, exploring music creation as a passion, without rules, using intuition to build progressions of sounds organized in a timeline. Not a newcomer, Empirical Distress is a project of a Portuguese artist who’s been working for some time and releasing with a different name a series of works. This project just wants peace and exist on the sound waves, promoting sonic explorations without entering deep on the schematics of the 21st Century music exploitation. Inspired by the mixture of the concrete jungle, linear geometric spaces and tall skyscrapers and the simplicity of what nature offers, the tranquillity, landscapes and energizing feeling of the vegetation and dirt. And a tad bit of star gazing, wondering about what does exist beyond the dark, starry sky. Sound sculptures of those landscapes, oscillating from darker moods to brighter feelings, muddy drums and exploration of textures through pads, drones, soundscapes wrapped around the realms of sci-fi, nature and the stressful city life.

Uploaded by 24 May 2020