by Mike Deem

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In 2000, Mike Deem started as an administrator of the then partyforum ‘Partyguide.be’. He accumulated a huge collection of photographs and provided numerous interviews with renowned domestic and foreign artists. This took him to national and international events, to various stages and backstages, only to be immersed in the then Techno scene.

Through all the experiments with hardware and setup possibilities, Mike Deem is now ready to explore the world and to amaze with his deep, atmospheric, dark ambient and sometimes melancholic acid melody and bass lines which result in a somewhat hypnotic Techno. He is still looking to renew and likes to use new talented producers to color in his sets.

His mixing sessions give the listener some kind of psychedelic sense of ecstasy and satisfaction.

In other words, you can say that Mike Deem takes you on an intriguing mystical journey and immerses you, through various routes and dark places in a in a comfy setting, to safely take you along, with an off-beat motion to your destination.

In 2019 he started is own label Aarden Records together with Wolken (Wouter Gheysen and Sedric aka David VM).

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