The second part of the album definitely focusses on Gatto’s dance personality and club vision, even so, it stays strongly connected to its first part as complementary for the artist’ objective.

Ranging in between his favourite club niches, and collaborating with producers with whom he has shared embryonic projects, DJ booths or vinyl releases, Gatto prepares the audience for a complete journey into his idea of ​​club music and grooves, featuring wide aesthetics and emotional resonance. It goes from the gentle tidiness of ambient and deep techno – ‘No Te Olvides De Acordarte’, ‘Today Will Be Tomorrow ft. Kaelan’, ‘When I Was With You’ and ‘Limbo’ – to the intrinsic vitality of break beat, dub and funk tracks – ‘Caronte’ and ‘Holographic Drama’ – continuing with the dynamism of a typical Detroit techno brand of sound reinterpreted in a modern context, like in ‘Forbidden Area’ and ‘Amazonia ft. Aubrey’, and finishing with the joyful wildness of distorted sounds, in ‘Jamming On The Couch ft. The Analogue Cops, OL047′ in collaboration with long-time friends OL047 and The Analogue Cops; the last track, ‘Il Canto Dell’Anima’, is a partial excursion into the electroacoustic sound, articulated by ethereal soundscapes and piano arpeggios. The whole work is enriched by samples, field recordings and filtered vocals, sound elements which have been deeply explored in the first part of the album, confirming Gatto’s aesthetical aptitude as for the club’s universe as for the aesthetical sonorous research dimension.

Released by 23 November 2018


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Heaven Inside Your Frequencies Part.2

by Aubrey, Kaelan, OL047, Simone Gatto, The Analogue Cops

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