We are glad to introduce the second installment of Different Seasons various artists series after kicking off the first one with tracks from Fabrizio Lapiana, Regen, Civilian and Limo back in January 2015. Out-ER sets ‘Different Seasons Vol.2’ as the twenty-first vinyl release on its way – as the first volume, the record embraces melodic techno tracks and introduces new and old faces to the roster. On A side Attic Music boss Fabrizio Lapiana appears on Out-ER again offering ‘Square 61’, then the experienced DJ Luciano Esse offers ‘The Call’ following to his very first ‘The Green EP’ released on the Italian label back in 2012. Flipping the record over on B side and LaChriz’ comeback on Out-ER sees the debut of his moniker ‘Farron’ with the ethereal cut ‘Travelling Through Your Mind’ – while the newest artist on board Hydergine provides a dub techno journey opting for a swinging, fresh piece typical of his production imprint.

Released by 19 April 2017


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Different Season Vol.2

by Fabrizio Lapiana, Farron, Hydergine, Luciano Esse

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