Long standing British artist Allen Saei, also known as Aubrey, steps forward in his excellent career with ‘Aqua Warrior’, an excellent debut EP for the Italian imprint Out Electronic Recordings, which reaches its twentieth release confirming its ever swinging musical approach within House and Techno once again.

The experienced DJ producer already played records for a label showcase at OHM, Berlin, the last November 2015 for Nuove Sessioni EP Release Event. It occurred to Aubrey to perform dj set in the label’s motherland Lecce, South of Italy, for the local techno party Knick Knack, ending up to spend some days around the sunny Ionic coast with the whole crew, playing back to back and jam sessions with label owner Simone Gatto too, sharing daily moments and music opinions: ‘Aqua Warrior’ spontaneously arrives after experiences and events spent with the Italian company and other ones which are yet to come.

The EP title track offers a rolled up house-inspired groove fulfilled with basic, romantic piano pattern, mellow acid weavings and liquid atonal elegance. Compared to the first cut, ‘Kriptic Message’ definitely delivers a more techno journey which still preserves the usual drum tidiness, adding life with locked, melodic dub arpeggios. ‘Turned Away’ displays a nervous but mystic mood featuring temporary lamenting synth lines and oscillating hats, drums, and minor basses. ‘Spinning Sideways’, on the contrary, spread a celestial, positive funk vibe which articulates through warm ambient atmospheres, major melodic arpeggios and trippy, always evolving musical components.

Released by 14 March 2017


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Aqua Warrior EP

by Aubrey

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