A battlefront where the present changes the future. It is a work that I have done at my hardest. I have created a work which would make me satisfied that even one person in this serious situation could come across this music.

Produced by Yukari Okamura

Additional Productions by Eyvind Blix, Doctrina Natura, Infinity and TVS

Mastered by Xergio Córdoba at Eternal Midnight, Spain

Artwork by Clément Davout

Released by Oslated from Seoul, South Korea

Release Date : June 01st. 2020

Released by 01 June 2020


Oslated is a label for underground local artists in and around Seoul. We have been building a platform that assembles talented local underground musicians and supports them. We have been managing a...

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Promise [OSL012]

by Yukari Okamura

Yukari Okamura - Promise
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