"Distant Communion" EP is inspired by a distant relationship and focused on mysterious and melancolic feel on this way. Voices remember us a presence, and tracks show us musically the extension of a relation, with sincerity and energy of spirit.

Produced by Sanjib

Additional Productions by Shaded Explorer, Abismal, Romi, Saphileaum, Nigm and Javier Marimon

Mastered by Xergio Córdoba at Eternal Midnight, Spain

Artwork by Philippine Gambier

Released by Oslated from Seoul, South Korea

Release Date : April 29th. 2019

Released by 28 April 2019


Oslated is a label for underground local artists in and around Seoul. We have been building a platform that assembles talented local underground musicians and supports them. We have been managing a...

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Distant Communion [OSL008]

by Sanjib

Sanjib - Distant Communion
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