Oslated Special Mix 028

by Aspetuck

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The fourth week of October 2022.

Oslated Special Mix 028 - Aspetuck


New York, US

Aspetuck is an American producer & DJ fascinated by groove & rhythm as well as the hypnotic nature of the deeper sides of electronic music. Growing up in sleepy Vermont, without easy access to any inkling of a nightlife scene, the internet was Aspetuck's only form of musical discovery for those formative days. Years later, after living in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, Aspetuck was very quickly drawn into the robust nightlife cultures of both cities that was so absent in the rural hills of the northeast. He is not only inspired by the current scene but also heavily inspired by genres outside of the contemporary electronic world including but not limited to krautrock, dub, new wave / post-punk, shoegaze, jazz, soul & funk. Immersing himself in both music production and photography, two creative outlets that seemingly complement & balance each other, he is quietly finding his voice with the help of a broad range of influences to draw from.

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