Oslated Special Mix 022

by Conoley Ospovat

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The fourth week of July 2022.

Oslated Special Mix 022 - Conoley Ospovat

* This is a set of all original music, performed live in the studio.

Continental Drift Records, Otake Records, Kimochi Sound

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

Conoley Ospovat is a multi-talented producer, instrumentalist, live performer, DJ, radio host, label-owner, and globetrotter, having touched down with shows from Tokyo to New York, from Germany to Chile.

Drawing from a diverse range of influences including techno, house,

early electronica, synth pop, post-punk, jazz, and improvisational jam bands, Ospovat creates uplifting dance music that is an interpretation of the world in sound.

Conoley has spent a large part of his life in Tokyo/Japan. Regularly playing at Tokyo’s most iconic clubs and at festivals of all sizes in the forests and mountains of Japan, his sound is profoundly influenced by this intersection of city, nature, mind, and spirit.

His groovy live and DJ sets brim with musicality, enthusiasm, nostalgia and optimism.

He runs the Continental Drift imprint (Pablo Bolivar, Pier Bucci, Area) and hosts the weekly program Golden Ratio Radio on KZUM Lincoln 89.3 FM, Twitch, & Blast Radio.

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