Oslated Mix Episode 82

by Javier Marimon

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The first week of January 2018.

Oslated Mix Episode 82 - Javier Marimon

It is a struggle to be expressive. To be able to communicate beyond natural and abstract barriers. Gestures and expressions can help, a twitch on your nose, eyebrow movements and little perfect-imperfections can hide or empower as well.

You can draw and you can build, talk, dance and be physical. But with Sound, because of it's white-hole nature, endless and intangible, the depth is real. Being able to cry and smile, and scream and whisper with multiple veils of reality, depending on the receiver, opens possibilities of explosion and self healing through emotions and micro dances. It's really special.

Losing the ability of touch, taste, and smell and instead being persuaded by an external, abstract, almost alien agent to create new flavors, smells and memories somewhere invisible and almost unreal in your brain is what really captivates me.

This mix starts with the sound of water, a little space of white noise to restart the system and refresh the Eustachian tubes for a better experience. On it are some of my tracks, sketches of music and other favorites tracks from artists that are clearly influential to me, for a quick, painless trip somewhere of your choice.

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