Oslated Mix Episode 39

by Yen

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The first week of March 2017.

Oslated Mix Episode 39 - Yen

Taipei based DJ who started his mission from 2003.

At the beginning he uesd two old belt-drive turntables to practice playing vinyl until CDJ has been invented. Being good at the genre of electronic music from Techno, Breakbeat, Psy-trance, House, etc.

After two years studying music technology and audio production fields in London UK, he backed to Taipei played dj at Pipe Live House and Korner, and embraced techno music again as well as let himself getting more skilled and trying getting to higher level of dance music concept, idea and techniques.

He organized SOMA TAIPEI to create party events also invited foreign artists to Taipei in order bringing more kinds of techno music to Asia audience.

There was even a Taipei electronic duo (band) Salamander was formed by him and his friend mainly to make electronic inspired by their life, experience and mind. They had won underground music award several times and released two albums so far.

More than ten years being a dj, now Yen preferred using cdjs and turntables to control the vibe through this more traditional and sonically way. Moreover, he keeps coming all kinds of electronic music, and sometimes scores for commercial ad.

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