Oslated MIx Episode 213

by Mohemann

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The first week of September 2020.

Oslated MIx Episode 213 - Mohemann

a.k.a. Lyu Zhi-Qiang, working and living in Beijing, China.

Contemporary artist, DJ. Since 2013, he has worked closely with ShadowPlay, a famous electronic music label in Beijing, to produce music with his years of visual and auditory experience in the context of underground electronic music scene. In 2017, he officially became an artist under ShadowPlay label.

Music genre ranging from Techno, Deep hypnotic, Psychedelic, Minimal, Ambient, to Experimental. He prefers calm and serious music, explores the creative combination of experimental electronic music and dance music, pays attention to the deep self-reflection and self-experience of music expression, and pursues the infinite freedom of mind and body in the limited timeline.

Currently, he runs Techno music event label "隧道-Tunnel", as well as cooperating with DJ Zhiqi to operate "海市蜃楼 Eerawai", Resident DJ at Zhao Dai.

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