Oslated Mix Episode 200

by Forest On Stasys

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The first week of May 2020.

Oslated Mix Episode 200 - Forest On Stasys

Owner and Electronic Explorer in Danza Nativa.

The creativity of Forest On Stasys is Influenced by tribal minimalist techno in the nineties and the deepest and most abstract techno currently. In his tracks the most seductive elements are the use of resonant basses perfectly combined with long and reverberated pads, extensive sonorous landscapes that are modified by continuous movement of LFO, solid grooves and strident percussions.

But not everything that comes out of his head is created with an intention to be used on the dance floor. He has a great admiration for drone and ambient tracks, without a rhythmic pattern that predominates, where the main factor is to captivate the listener with melodies that can be marked by a strong melancholy or with notes that give a certain feeling of satisfaction depending on his current mood.

At the beginning of 2019, he released his first work 'A Vision Of Light' in Danza Nativa, where currently he is one of the pillars of the label based in Buenos Aires.

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