Oslated Mix Episode 185

by Ajiki


The first week of January 2020.

Oslated Mix Episode 185 - Ajiki

He lives in Yamagata Prefecture.

Presiding over Open air party QUEST.

DJ has a reputation for wide selection from covering minimal techno to bass and deep house, and the delicate and polite mix is ​​astonishing.

While living in Yamagata Prefecture, offering unique offers from different parts of the country, selected songs, mixed sense of things.

And QUEST sponsored by himself has a steady evolution and ability with the concept "the most specialized party in dance music in Tohoku", while small outdoor parties, praise from the audience not only in Tohoku but also from all over the country, voice of trust I am upset.

The open air party "QUEST" presided over in Xinjiang, called "The Crossroads in Tohoku," is one of the few complete underground outdoor parties that only people who know it can understand.

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