Oslated Mix Episode 183

by Salamanda

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The thrid week of December 2019.

Oslated Mix Episode 183 - Salamanda

* This is a live set that all includes they original works.

Salamanda is an Ambient music producer group, consisting of Seoul-based electronic music producer & DJ Uman (a.k.a. Sala) and Yetsuby (a.k.a. Manda).

Salamanda believes every sound in the world can be portrayed as beautiful, and loves to collect and create music out of sounds that are often considered as "noises."

Sharing the love for minimal, ambient, and many other genres of music, Salamanda has been presenting its own unique dreamy and humid tracks via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram and many more, and mixes of the two members have been introduced in of Seoul Community Radio.

Salamanda aims to broaden its musical horizons and introduce more experimental pieces in the future through DJ sets, mixes, live sets, etc.

Salamanda was released its debut album 'Our Lair' EP through [Tonal Unity] label in September 2019.

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