Oslated Mix Episode 154

by Abby Syna


The third week of May 2019.

Oslated Mix Episode 154 - Abby Syna

Abby Syna started to mix at a very early age, while the resurgence of techno sparked in the early 2010s. Hanging most of his time at the famous parisian record shop ≪ Techno Import ≫, he developped a truly outstanding technique in vinyl mixing, and gained a vast knowledge in the electronic music prolific output.

Abby’s mixing style aims toward precision, elegance and compelling rythms, displaying his strong technical skills. While growing up, he was heavily influenced by Sandwell District, Regis, Surgeon, James Ruskin, Function, Aphex Twin and the likes. As a dedicated vinyl collector, he has grown a strong sense in track selection and creates each DJ set with utmost care and taste.

Regularly invited at Concrete club in Paris, he has played alongside with Marcel Dettmann, Zadig, Rrose, Green Velvet, Shlømo, DJ Deep and many more. He his now working on his own music, leaning toward industrial techno, broken-beats and ambient cuts.

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