Oslated Mix Episode 131

by Andy Chiu


The second week of December 2018.

Oslated Mix Episode 131 - Andy Chiu

Andy Chiu was the resident DJ of Korner, an institution in Taiwan’s underground club culture. There he has been successful as a warm up DJ, bringing the crowds into the party mood or as the closing act, ensuring everyone dances their last energy out. More recently he held a series of all nighter, drawing large crowds, guiding them through the night. Through all of this, Andy has become a mainstay at the club and among its most lauded residents.

Inspired by various genres, among them new wave and post-punk, Andy delivers a sound that fluctuates between trippy and melancholic techno, raw energetic acid and dark ambient. With this he has been able to guide crowds through the night, leaving them in extase.

He recently debuted at Smoke Machine’s famed Organik festival, and has shared the bill with François X, Actress, Ryan Elliot, Aurora Halal, Objekt, Steve Bicknell, to name a few.

In 2018, Andy had his first European debut in Arena Club, Berlin. Also played at Rural festival, Japan.

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