Moon Patrol consists of Irina Kotik and Gilles Wasserman, mainly known as co-founders of deep techno and ambient platform Delayed. Irina, a classically trained musician, contributed the melodic parts, and Gilles has been leading the rhythm section of the productions - an excellent symbiosis with meaningful output. A symbiosis whose soundscapes are an ode to the beauty of transitionary states and reflective exploration. “Surface Tension” and “Raflo Ren” grasp the fresh and misty air, with mountains slowly appearing through the morning fog, accompanied by wooden percussive beats. Likewise, the title track, “Mountain House Music” seems to be devoted to the passage from a dreamy, meditative state into an active physical space.

Throughout the ten tracks, we can hear the couple’s harmonious relationship with nature - may it be Prospect Park as their Brooklyn refuge or mountain retreats in upstate NY and Vermont - both spaces and the moods induced by them make an appearance through carefully selected and arranged field recordings (“Inparké” and “Beautiful Brook”). Moon Patrol, though having produced together since 2017 already, took their time to craft their own way of musically syncing and connecting with like-minded artists, such as Dutch producer Love Over Entropy, who took care of mixing the album.

Friends play a significant role in Moon Patrol’s symbiotic ecosystem and that’s why close friend Aspetuck contributed a breezy - grooving remix of “Wevok” - closing the LP with an uplifting, life-affirming note that teases to dance.

- Text by Theresa Bäumel

Written & Produced by Irina Kotik & Gilles Wasserman aka Moon Patrol

Additional Production by Griff Fulton aka Aspetuck

All The Original Tracks' Mixed by Love Over Entropy

Mastered by Xergio Córdoba at Eternal Midnight, Spain

Artwork by Clément Davout

Released by Oslated from Jeju Island, South Korea

Release Date : May 22nd. 2023

Released by 22 May 2023
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Mountain House Music [OSL026]

by Moon Patrol

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