The On Board Music imprint returns with its third release this October, a five- track various artist package featuring material from Lanoche, Yugen, Serena Butler, Estrato Aurora and Vera Logdanidi.

On Board Music delivers its third release here, following two mini LP projects from Healing Force Project and Mesak. The ‘Point A’ project marks the beginning of a series of VA’s coming on the imprint focusing on both established and up and coming talents from different origins, stylistically ranging from ambient to techno and all meeting together on the dance floor. French painter Natacha Mankowski provided the artwork once again, and mastering was taken care of by Carsten Dämbkes.

Released by 28 October 2019

On Board Music

A direct link between the world of home-listening and dancefloor-oriented material, On Board Music is a label focused on electronic music that withstands the test of time, arching over carefully cu...

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Various - Point A

by Estrato Aurora, Lanoche, Serena Butler, Vera Logdanidi, Yugen

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Various - Point A EP
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