On Board is proud to present its newest project, ’The Meaning of Time’ - a 23-track compilation exploring the rift and alteration in time perception in the global health crisis that’s crippled all sides of our societies has engaged amongst artists and creators. The dedicated goal of this charity V/A is both to document this very special time in our lives and serve as a means of solidarity when most of us out there are struggling to make a living. Content wise, and true to the essence of our vision as a label, the music mainly spans the techno and ambient spectrums, with original content. 50% of the benefits from the sales will go to the involved artists, whilst the remaining 50% will be donated to Sea-Watch - a German NGO that rescues migrants in the Mediterranean, notably by commissioning rescue ships.


released June 5, 2020

Mastering: Alan Mathias

Design: Natacha Mankowski

© On Board Music 2020

Released by 05 June 2020

On Board Music

A direct link between the world of home-listening and dancefloor-oriented material, On Board Music is a label focused on electronic music that withstands the test of time, arching over carefully cu...

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The Meaning Of Time

by ABSIS, I:Cube, Mesak, Sonic Haïku, Estrato Aurora, Vera Logdanidi, Hiver, Javier Marimon, Sylve, Laura BCR, Antonio Vazquez, e/tape, Core, Kamila Govorčin, Hironori Takahashi, o.utlier, Human Space Machine., Vand, Uanamani, Shoal, Conflation Port, Nems-B, Yugen

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