Obscurity 022 | Herr Banna

by Herr Banna

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1. Central Nervous System (Original Mix) - Dr Cyanide - Hardtools Records

2. 127 (Original Mix) - ALPI - End of Perception

3. Empty Space (Original Mix) - Arnaud Le Texier - Affin

4. Walking On A Death Line (Original Mix) - Viels - Dynamic Reflection

5. In Your Inner Sea (Alfredo Mazzilli Remix) - ALPI - Planet Rhythm

6. Flare (Original Mix) - Sigha - Token

7. Down (Function Remix) - Sigha - Token

8. Marilyn & John (Original Mix) - Mari Mattham - Illegal Alien Records

9. Sky Jump (Original Mix) - Petit Astronaute - Circular Limited

10. Jealously Kept Secret (Original Mix) - Augusto Taito - Dynamic Reflection

11. Ash Pendant (Original Mix) - Archivist - End of Perception

12. The Wipe (Terence Fixmer Revision 1) - Teste - Edit Select

Herr Banna, a.k.a. Michael, is a DJ and rave curator from Jordan currently based in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. where he co-runs 'Studio 11.12' and works as an Urban Designer/Planner. His musical journey is rather short but eventful. He is a very recent discoverer of techno, a self-taught DJ who started off in April 2019. In August that same year he founded 'Studio 11.12' as a non-profit electronic music platform hosting 'Listening Parties' - a series of curated underground raves. His techno sound is rather eclectic, treading both realms of raw and driving techno, but is almost always deep and hypnotic. In his sets, he tends to explore the emotional polarities of darkness and light, mystery and joy; all in an attempt to take the listener on a journey

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