Obscurity 024 | Fernie

by Fernie

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Hailing from Glasgow a city rich in techno heritage Fernie has been crafting journeys since 2001 with his own brand of space music lush sweeping pads and dark driving rhythms feature throughout his sets and productions.

He has a wide ranging discography spanning a host of labels with his most recent work seeing release on DNC Limited, Haustronaut and his own Space Textures imprint along with a forthcoming EP on Obscure Sorrows Records.

With his sets he aims to create a journey using his love for ambient sounds and hypnotic techno to create a unique story.

Denman : UHF#1

Lito : Arpa River

Core : Illustration 4

Reggy Van Oers : Edon

Dino Sabatini : Pragmatica

Doctrina Natura : The Crossroads Keeper

Lito : Hidden Shades

Vardae : Overpanamax

Petit Astronaute : Breaths Of Separation (Mesa Remix)

Dorian Gray : Gliese 667

Nuel : Untitled

A Sacred Geometry : Atheres

Dorian Gray : Celeste

Esse : Nulla

Yukari Okamura : Outstand

Saebius : Water Memories (Daniel(i) Purple Mix)

Ruhig : Coil

Svarog : FF3

r²π : Ad Vitam

Ruhig : Lost In The Instability (Edit Select Remix)

Smoley : Unouno (Vinx Exe Remix)

Livai : Janus

Mod21 : Snake

Fernie : Genesis 1

Di.Capa : Murk

Saphileaum : Unearthly Bijouterie

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