Obscurity 025 | Ben Cyan

by Ben Cyan

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Ben Cyan is a London-based techno DJ, focused on the deeper side of things. He's recently been featured in some amazing podcasts including @anodynicfrequencies @crescent-london, @furthersessions, @thecodecast and many more. He also hosts his own monthly SoundCloud series 'Kaibosh', regularly showcasing new release deep & hypnotic techno sounds. @bencyan


Joachim Spieth - Ultradian

Kontinum - Penguin Diaries (Cavüm Remix)

Laertes - APNEA

Massa - Interference

Mosam Howieson - Black Flowers

Wrong Assessment - Amelia

Abstract Man - Alone

ALPI - Shadows Of Light

Strom - Northern Lights

Biocym - Spectre

Ruhig - Nibelheim

Bohdan - Tungsten

Koen Hoets - Nostalgia

A Sacred Geometry - Veive

Michal Wolski - The Way

Manent - Assioma 2

Vrika - Subcell

Par Grindvik - Tide Us Part (Shifted remix)

Prg/M - Asymptota (Ruhig Wobble remix)

Takaaki Itoh - Norde

Emily Jeanne - Redfining Privacy

Ossi Di Mare - Double Mode Cepheid

Victor Zala - Saronic

Kill Acid On Space - Glide

Anders Hellberg - Unpredictable Event

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