Obscurity 020 | Commodus of Rome

by Commodus Of Rome

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Liam ( Commodus of Rome), multi disciplinary artist residing in Melbourne, Australia. He is drawn to the depths by hypnotic rhythms that make up deep techno. Liam transcends his passion For deep techno by mixing and producing such arts. Not only does he find his inspiration through sound but also sight, the sights of desolation and coldness as such of an empty forest or abrupt brutalist architecture.

Track list:

Antonio Ruscito- Modulo A

Devennue- Blackout (BLNDR Remix)

Antonio Ruscito- Modulo c

Claudio PRC- Kar

Obscure live- Infernal Sunset (Julixo Remix)

Ordinamento Selettivo, Daniele Paduano- Fluido

Svarog- Remote

Devennue- Blackder

Blacktree- Crystalline (Dying remix)

Svarog- Tilled Field

Blacktree- Acidus

Ordinamento Selettivo- Orbita

Ness- Orbital Debris

The Alchemical Theory- Search find

Kevin Arnemann- inside the loop

Primal Code- Jikan (Interpreted by Luigi Tozzi)

Feral- Acid Forrest

Lab & Purl- Altered states


Instagram- @commodus.of.rome

Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/commodusofrome

Uploaded by 20 October 2020