SOUNDWAVE #46 Notnotice

by Notnotice

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Ivan’s mix is going to take you on a journey. To me, that is the point of art. It’s not enough to craft a pretty or catching sound. Evoking emotion is one thing, but if the music can transport you to somewhere else and spur your imagination, that’s magic. And Ivan’s mix is magic and will be your soundscape for today’s sonic safari. The mix is the map. Your destination will be your own for you to discover.

Symphocat “Svifa I Himininn”

Forest Management “Fill In The Blank”

unknown “Way number 3”

Notnotice “Stockholm Syndrome”

Acronym “Rails”

очень длинный кот “v parallelnih mirah”

Bad Sector & Tommaso Lisa “Untitled”

kmerl “Constellation”

Stanislav Tolkachev “Borderland”

Canadian Rifles “1812”

FH HF “Seconds Remain As Abstract Strokes”

gacha bakradze “Broken Keyboard”

Jeremiah M. Carter & Chelsea Bridges “White Rose Royale”

Appropriate Savagery “Makeup & Ketamine, During a Quiet Evening”

Christian Michael Filardo “Charm Syndicate”

Concrete Fantasies “stealth2 (Agadez Magi)”

Varg2™ “600 Lives To Become Nothing But A Memory (ft. Soho Rezanejad)”

Cio D’Or “Triplet”

EyeScream “(A)(ny)(thing)(ll)”

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