ФАКТУРА Микстейп #11 - Notnotice

by Notnotice

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I started my way in music through ambient since 2012. This is a small mixtape for the Ural label ФАКТУРА is compiled from my early works released before 2018. Enjoy your dives! Thanks for listening.

Track list:

Notnotice - Felled tree [Kalpamantra]

Notnotice - Arbor mundi [Kalpamantra]

Notnotice - 1986-04-27 (Evacuation) [Kalpamantra / Petroglyph music]

Notnotice - Echoes of bygone days [Self-realise]

Notnotice - Mental expedition six (51°06'47.1N 87°58'29.7E) [SSI records]

Notnotice - Trasmutazione [Crna zemlja netlabel]

Notnotice - In new forest [Kalpamantra]

Notnotice - In reset [Ephedrina netlabel]

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