Nachtblumen Podcast #18 Linny Hex

by Linny Hex

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Linny Hex is a Swedish DJ based in Stockholm. Her journey in music began in 2008 when she was living in London and got the chance to learn how to play vinyl. At first, Linny was playing more drum’n’bass and dubstep, but through going out and discovering music on her own she gradually moved towards techno. A few years later after moving back to Sweden, she was booked to play her first club gig and this is how her journey began.

Linny has been is a resident at Contact in Stockholm and performed across the entire Sweden at various clubs and raves. When it comes to international gigs, she is quite selective and to her it is important to establish a connection with the organization that she plays for.

Nowadays her sound is mostly within the deep and hypnotic realm of techno. Linny is a perfect representative of the emotional, intense and mind-bending Nordic sound.

In 2019 Linny founded her record label Kvalia records, where she continues with her creative output. So far, the label has three successful releases featuring Citty, Blazej Malinowski, Exos, and Abstract Man. As a vinyl only label currently, Linny wants to release timeless music that can be enjoyed both on the dancefloor and at home.

She recorded a special mix for Nachtblumen, where she showcases her sound and gives us a taste of Scandinavia. Through raw and powerful hypnotic sounds she creates a unique story and takes you on a journey into the Nordic sound.

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