Nachtblumen Podcast #15 Magna Pia

by Magna Pia

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It is my great pleasure to announce the 15th episode of Nachtblumen courtesy of Hüseyin Evirgen also known as Magna Pia. He is one half of Cassegrain, and is working on his own solo material as Magna Pia since 2016.

He studied composition, piano and electronic music at the University of Istanbul and Mozarteum Salzburg. He has composed music for theatre, dance performances and mixed media for almost two decades.

As Magna Pia, Hüseyin Evirgen focuses on providing combative dance floor trips and unorthodox sonic moods with subtle 90s techno references while he keeps his interest in combining contemporary techno music with archaic symbolism. His solo releases include EPs on Soma Records, his debut album on Feral Note and his solo release on Arcing Seas.

In his set for Nachtblumen, Hüseyin delivers a very dynamic and diverse story, in which one can clearly hear how perfectly in control he is of every element. This hour is a great representation of what I love about the sound of Magna Pia – it’s deep, dark, emotional, driving and it can hypnotise you into a relentless state of dancing for your mind and body. Press play and enjoy!



Arcing Seas:


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