Resident artist Soramimi returns for her second MOFF appearance, this time on a stunning solo EP for the label's fifth release entitled "Sinewy Glass Fingers".

A stormy and cyclonic ebb and flow sets the tone for the record on its eponymous opening track, and gives way to cavernous propulsion punctuated by shimmering spectral synths on "Cold Cartilage." The flip begins with a monstrous remix of the A2 from MOFF fave Acronym, crescendoing from a faint pulse into full-on rhythmic and emotive breakdown. "Psionic Shield" closes the EP with its richly textured, otherworldly ambient soundscapes that conjure post-apocalyptic imagery.

Tracks written and produced by Soramimi. Remix by Acronym

Artwork: Liza Shutova

Mastering: Giovanni Conti

Exclusive Distribution Worldwide: Ready Made Distribution

Published by Monday Off.

2019 © All Rights Reserved

Released by 29 April 2019
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Sinewy Glass Fingers (incl. Acronym remix) [MOFF005]

by Soramimi, Acronym

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Soramimi - Sinewy Glass Fingers (incl. Acronym ...
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