For the eighth release, label owner Mary Yuzovskaya steps up to the plate, backed with a pair of excellent remixes from Semantica’s Blazej Malinowski and Parabel’s Patrick Siech.

Kicking off the release is ‘Sleeping B’, a deep hypnotic workout, with blooming synths and bass lines moving in tandem with the rolling drum patterns. Blazej Malinowski ups the pace expertly, with his remix keeping key elements of the original, applying a broad brush of subtle hyperactivity to the proceedings.

On the flip, ‘Working B’ sees Mary deliver another heads down affair, the slowly mutating synths and drums finding their own space with clever use of intricate echoes and sonic permutations throughout. Comparatively, the Patrick Siech remix is an energetic take, it’s textures constantly evolving upwards to create a mesmerising atmosphere that perfectly rounds off the release.

Tracks written and produced by Maria Yuzovskaya. Remixes by Blazej Malinowski and Patrick Siech.

Mastered by Giovanni Conti.

Artwork by Liza Shutova.

Exclusive distribution worldwide: Ready Made Distribution

Published by Monday Off.

All rights reserved © Monday Off 2020

Released by 08 January 2021
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Sleeping Beauty Working Beast (incl. Blazej Malinowski and Patrick Siech Remixes) [MOFF008]

by Mary Yuzovskaya, Patrick Siech, Blazej Malinowski

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Mary Yuzovskaya - Sleeping Beauty Working Beast...
12" Black Vinyl with cover artwork. Vinyl Only.