Ciphers EP is a rich assemblage of deep sonic excursions showing throughout a strong coexistence of organic and virtual elements. The record opens with ´Ciphers´, where a fast paced sandy groove is driving high on drones via sparking ambiances. Second track, ´Hailstones´ is basically a beat knocking its way outside, under a heavy hi-hat hail, slashed by snares and haunted by holographic spirits. On the B-side ´Lucifero´ carries a mellow but powerful mood, sounds like a morning star that gradually transforms into a supernova, is definitely the more dancefloor oriented cut of the release. Closing the vinyl, the slow-footed ´Cocytus´ is the complete opposite of its previous track, because of a cold, grave rhythm, treated like a windswept tree. Finally, the only digital tracks, ´Mantle´ and ´Displacement´ are perfectly resuming Wata Igarashi sound signature, as trippy gatherings of crafted beats joining drones and deformed soundscapes, the first is mind stressing and epic at certain stages, while the second vibrates so dreamy as it´s made of percussions and supernatural blows.

Released by 21 March 2016
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Ciphers EP

by Wata Igarashi

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