The Women Everyday project is a series of EPs, each comprising 5 tracks of music and a visual created exclusively by female artists. The different EPs will be defined by hypnotic and haunting electronic styles but the project will be guided by the artists' musical worlds.

The Women Everyday series is a passionate celebration of women's talent, everyday.

Part of the profits will be donated to the NGO #noustoutes which is committed to denouncing gender-based violence.

We are delighted to welcome the artists Elisa Batti, Irina Kotik, Slow Dimension, Vice City and Kato de Vidts for this second volume accompanied by the visuals of Daisy de Montjoye.

In this EP composed entirely by women, each track has an evocative female name. Their work takes us on a sonic odyssey through the ages and cultures. Like an invitation to journey into the mind, we travel introspectively to mystical and distant lands.

Each track creates a musical expression that is both dark and radiant, flowing together to form a circle. This circle represents both women's power and solidarity, and this EP is a celebration of their work and creativity.

Produced by Elisa Batti, Irina Kotik, Slow dimension, Vice City & Kato de Vidts.

Mastered by Arthur Bohl at Melifera Studio, France

Artwork by Daisy de Montjoye

Marseille, France

Release date: 8th March 2023

Released by 08 March 2023
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Women Everyday Vol. 2 [MLF010]

by Vice City, Slow Dimension, Kato De Vidts, Irina Kotik, Elisa Batti

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