Whispers of the Valley is a three-part opus, highlighting the talent of emerging and established artists alike, including a remix by Luigi Tozzi. The project came to life with a field recording sample bank gathered during a workshop at La Vallée Electrique 2022, from which we asked producers to compose a unique track using at least one sample.

Live La Vallée Électrique festival 2023 experience: meliferarecords.com/la-vallee-electrique-festival/

Part 1:

The valley is quiet and silent, only disturbed by the light whispering of the wind in the trees. The sounds are soft and soothing, mixing rhythmic notes and murmuring voices. The melodies envelop the tranquil landscape and invite to a meditative walk.

Sunlight streams through the leaves, creating shifting shadows on the valley floor. The songs of the bees add to the natural melody and complete the calm and peaceful landscape. The golden hour approaches...

Part 2 of this EP series is set for release on 15th April.

Part 3 of this EP series is set for release on 06th May

Produced by Adhémar, Mersel, CTAFAD, Mateo Moric, Alessandro Baroncini & Arddhu

Additional production by Luigi tozzi

Mastered by Arthur Bohl at Melifera Studio

Artwork by Daisy de Montjoye

Marseille, France

Release date: 25th March 2023

Released by 25 March 2023
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Whispers of the Valley Part.1 [MLF011]

by Mersel, Mateo Moric, Luigi Tozzi, CTAFAD, Arddhu, Alessandro Baroncini, Adhémar

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