This EP is a whole sensory experience in itself. If you close your eyes and let yourself go, a vast desert - as far as the eye can see - will present itself.

The first track, Atacama, is led by a rhythm which takes form in the low frequencies. A few sounds appear, of which the origins are unknown, to mix themselves into this sonic retranscription of a walk in the most arid environment of the world.

Mercury then follows, a track that begins in a contemplative way with deep synth layers, before gradually increasing in intensity through a sequence of hypnotic sounds. Each note is witness to a tumultuous environment.

Tatooine, defined by its pure bass and sprinkled with de-structured and luminous sounds, feels like a musical hush, putting an end to the tornado of emotions experienced until now.

Produced by Eamo

Additional production by Biocym

Mastered by Arthur Bohl

Artwork by Daisy de Montjoye

Release date: 13th January 2022

Released by 13 January 2022
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Atacama [MLF004]

by Biocym, Eamo

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