First moments out there. My eyelids squeeze to let in just the minimum amount of light. While walking towards the shade I get curious about new surroundings. The sounds that reach my ears are mellow and pulsating. I assume this might be a friendly habitat. Upon reaching the shade I sit down and relax. Feeling the warm air full of smells I've never encountered before going in and out of my nose with each breath, I begin to calmly observe. The colors start to dance around me and together with intensifying sounds form a rapidly moving vortex. Without hesitation I enter it and am lifted high at the top within milliseconds. Riding the vortex across this magical new world feels surprisingly right. I belong here.


Suddenly, I find myself on the ground. The colors start to rapidly pale until everything becomes grey. I feel fear. Don't know why. But I know something bad is about to happen. One big red line comes out of the ground and reaches for the sky ending in a slow explosion. Then everything becomes quiet. I have a feeling something terrible is approaching fast. That hunch is quickly followed with intense pain in my head. I am so scared that my chests compress. I cannot breathe. Then I throw up. Repeatedly. Kneeling on the ground I realize. I am alone. I might never feel another soul. Alone forever. I start to cry. Groans become loud. Somehow, it feels liberating to indulge in despair. A tear after tear is rolling down my cheek. Tasting my salty tears brings memories from my early childhood. I lay down with arms over my head. After some time, exhausted I fall asleep.


As I open my eyes, I see colors talking in the corner. All the rainbow colors are there, in many shades and shapes. As I listen to their voices, it becomes obvious. Each of them is a unique being. Person? Soul? They notice me. With welcoming gestures, they invite me to approach closer. As if I knew it always, the fact that I am one of them seems self-evident. We are connected and feel each other's pulses. As we start to fly, I am not able to think about past events. Or plan for the future. I feel love. I am one of the many. And we are one. We dance. We laugh. We are here.

Released by 24 November 2021
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by Lun Moonatik

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