We are brimming with enthusiasm as we present our upcoming release and are excited to introduce a promising talent, yet a hidden gem to the hypnotic techno community. Cylindric is the project crafted by Matt Pinker, originally from Manchester and now calling Cyprus home. His journey led him through music composition studies at the University of Manchester. With a background in experimental composition, he aims to explore these aesthetics through the lens of techno. In this EP his main concept described by him was to create a series of atmospheres inspired by place. Each piece explores a different angle: an impressionist vision of a landscape; the capture of a heady experience; a synesthetic response to a scene; and a surreal representation of a dream. Field recordings are weaved throughout in varying degrees as a textural backdrop or condensed into percussive layers. The tracks attempt to capture the visceral atmosphere felt when witnessing an environment; be it the ambience of a mountain landscape or the hazy nostalgia of a cityscape. Impressions of environmental colour and texture influence the sonic palette, and the feeling a place evokes is channeled through atmosphere and flow.

Written, produced, and mixed by Cylindric

Mastered by Gio at Artefacts Mastering

Artwork by Divan (Photo by Matt Pinker)

Released by 27 September 2023
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Entropy - EP

by Cylindric

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