KR3 Records,

is proud to welcome - Shuya - to its roster.

The Japanese producer whose influences come mostly from the Noise Scene, began his sonic journey as a singer and guitarist with the experimental avant-garde group called Qujaku.

With his s/h/u/y/a solo project he keeps

a noise-industrial attitude to his electronic music productions.

The beginning of his collaboration with KR3 was therefore inevitable. The artist and the label share a mutual approach to sound, with the processing of raw materials into scratchy, deep and mental beats playing a key part in their interpretation of Techno.

The Sleeper EP - is the first vinyl release under this pseudonym.

The cover art is curated by the designer Pablo I Prada, who says about his works: “I try to capture human evil in my paintings”. With his music, Shuya does exactly the same. His productions are a disturbing mixture of noise-techno that perfectly evokes the infernal spirit of human existence that also appears in the artwork.

The Sleeper, is a cerebral, red-painted sonic assault. The intro and outro are composed by recordings of his voice and guitar riffs that show us how deep is his connection to his artistic origins.


releases October 17, 2022

Written & Produced by Shuya Onuki

Artwork by Pablo I Prada

Mastered & Vinyl Cutting by:

Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering Berlin

Released by 17 October 2022
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The Sleeper

by s/h/u/y/a

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s/h/u/y/a - The Sleeper
Includes digital download.
12" Vinyl Written and composed by Shuya Onuki. Mastered and Lacquer cut by Tim Xavier at Manmade Mastering Berlin. Artwork by Pablo I Prada
Digital album