"Passed a swift current,

Through echoes of the singing spirit,

We build a fire to vanish

in the deep black ocean." - Unjin

Unjin's 'Northern Atmosphere' creates an expression of a dark ethereal ambience characterized by evolving dissonant harmonies, and long sustained tone clusters. The artist combines hardware synthesis with intricate audio routing to achieve his signature sound.
 Northern Atmosphere evokes a feeling of solitude, isolation and precariousness.


releases June 19, 2020

Written & produced by Unjin

Artwork by Dima Rabik

Mastering by Seunghyun Kim (Scøpe)

Kizen Records, 2020.

Released by 19 June 2020

Kizen Records

We leave room for audio and visual art where all kinds of emotional encounters may take place.

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Northern Atmosphere

by Unjin

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