Khoros Rec. was created to bring to the surface musical talents and their views based on diversity without targeting or identifying the context of the artists included in it. Clearly there are some limits and some key elements that were created simply to balance what we publish since we are not interested in the commercial side of the music industry.

Raw/Deep/Hypnotic/Dub/Dark Techno

Khoros | Lab: Ambient/Experimental/Downtempo/Noise/Soundscapes

Meaning: Choros, khoros or horos (χορός, romanized: khorós) means "dance" in the Greek language. This word occurs in the names of numerous Greek dances, which may be literally translated as "dance of..." or "dance from...".

χῶρος • (khôros) m (genitive χώρου);

space, room, place.