The first track 'Enigmatic Forest' paints the pure beauty of huge clusters of trees, bushes, flowers, animals and mushrooms. Just like a big spotlight on the beauty of nature.

The second one 'Whispering leaves' tells you about the feeling when you are alone at night in the bushes, your knees are shaking and the leaves whisper their unknown thoughts to each other. You never know what's gonna come...

'Fantasma de la Selva' takes place in a more open area of this forest where you can see the light fall though the trees. The ghosts are flying through the shadows of the leaves and disappear when they're hit by sunlight.

Last but not least of the tracks is 'Blind Tin Soldier'. This little tin guy got lost on a family trip, when he was walking through the forest with his owner, a cute boy. Now he is running around without any direction, shivering and screaming. His despair is so uncomfortable but so good to dance to...what a conflict...

Delusional Circuits and Dycide remixed two tracks here, you will hear what magic happens, when they touch this work with their artistic hands.

Polygonia - Leaves and Ghosts [IO:013]

Written and produced by Lindsey Wang (Polygonia).

Mastered at Klangstellwerk

Artwork by Polygonia

Released by 10 February 2020


The audiovisual label and artist collective, based in Munich, Germany is known for releases based in the deep techno and ambient genre. Through catchy sound design, complex rhythms, psychedelic aud...

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Leaves and Ghosts

by Polygonia

Polygonia - Enigmatic Forest
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