For her first release, Polygonia delivers 8 dark and dreamy tracks for the Munich-based label IO. Aptly named “In the Dead of Night,” the album undulates, first leading the listener carefully through a lush forest of ambient sounds before veering into the polyrhythmic techno track “Mogui”. A visual artist herself, Polygonia’s tracks have a visual quality, bringing to mind organic and mechanical imagery as they pulse forward, outward, inward... “Lost Sense” could be a dystopian film score, and “Quiet Turmoil” gives the sense of a thrilling and unnerving chase. “In the Dead of Night” finds a home in the deep techno family of IO.

- D. Kuehr

Polygonia - In The Dead Of Night [IO:007]

Written and produced by Lindsey Wang (Polygonia).

Mastered at Klangstellwerk

Artwork by Polygonia

Released by 10 February 2019


The audiovisual label and artist collective, based in Munich, Germany is known for releases based in the deep techno and ambient genre. Through catchy sound design, complex rhythms, psychedelic aud...

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In The Dead Of Night

by Polygonia

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