Reflexions Podcast 17

by Dionisaf


For its 17th edition Initiate Reflexions continues to explore affiliates of the label Elan Vital.

We're happy to showcase @Dionisaf, a Russian-American composer

who's work explores the principles of oriental musical traditions with modern technologies. Dionisaf makes a case for listening attentively and his music aims to re-contextualise the act of hearing.

Dive into his podcast and if you want to hear more, check out his work here -->

As usual, for best listening experience, get comfy, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let the music do the rest :)


Artwork by Leslie Deboeur


1. Dionisaf - Ice Kingdom - Skazka (Tiny Drones For Lovers 2021)

2. Dionisaf - Blurry Bells - Frozen Time (Forgotten Dreams 2021)

3. Dionisaf - Overcast - From the Silence (Chitra Records 2022)

4. Dionisaf - Ocean - Lost Rarities (Élan Vital 2021)

5. Dionisaf - Glitches in Reality - Frozen Time (Forgotten Dreams 2021)

6. Dionisaf - 幽玄 Yugen - tʌntrə XVII (Neotantra 2021)

7. Dionisaf - Long Way to the Ganga - From the Silence (Chitra Records 2022)

8. Dionisaf - Tundra - Lost Rarities (Élan Vital 2021)

9. Dionisaf - Museum of Voices - From the Silence (Chitra Records 2022)

Artwork by Leslie Deboeur

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