Reflexions Podcast 15

by John Plaza

2 plays

John Plaza is an up and coming dj and producer from Chile.

With releases on Dosis records and Ancestral Process he's a deep techno advocate.


John Plaza - Forestlake

Pandemonium -Atqve

Joaquim Spieth -Iliac

Aphex Twin - Aisatsana

NBM - Distress Signal

Blndr - Mont Blanc

Alderaan - The Idea Of Having A Soul

Anders Hellberg - Cybotania

Biocym - Lure

Cavüm - Oran

Joaquim Spieth - Apas

Joaquim Spieth - Candela

Marco Bailey, David Schwarz - Enter Galaxy

Pandemonium - Bnenom

Claudio PRC, Luigi Tozzi - Lyra III

BLNDR - Last Korean Sunset

GNZ11 - 299​.​792​,​459km

Artwork by Leslie Deboeur

Uploaded by 12 July 2022
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