Reflexions Podcast 16

by Biloba Green

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For our 16th installment we're pleased to present Biloba Green - a project by Michele Andreotti and Toni Dimitrov.

Their name "derives from the scientific denomination of the Ginkgo leaf, an ancient and beneficial tree, inextricably linked to the ancestral significance of natural symbols."

Together they search for "new sonic combinations capable of restoring an evocation of the union of electronic sound and nature, expressed in the continuous flow of acoustic sources and electronic transformations."

For best listening experience, get comfy, close your eyes and let the music do the rest :)

Take care and keep listening.

Artwork by Leslie Deboeur


1. Dionisaf - Walk on the Roof - Lost Rarities (Elan Vital Recordings)

2. Motorpig - Pale Visitor - Teaching A Fish To Fly (Elan Vital Recordings)

3. Biloba Green - #228B22 - Biloba Green (Elan Vital Recordings)

4. Toni Dimitrov - The Road to Revolution - VA: Noises of Nature (Chitra Records)

5. Whalthisney - Edgeland - Hearthisutra (Elan Vital Recordings)

6. Sebby Kowal - Bright Spaces - Bright Spaces (Elan Vital Recordings)

7. Toni Dimitrov - Anti-Tech Revolution (Tantra Edit) - VA: tʌntrǝ XX (Neotantra)

8. Michele Andreotti - La Torre - Stanotte (Rohs! Records)

9. ymns57 - Tape Chimes - Torschlusspanik (Elan Vital Recordings)

10. Biloba Green - #00FF00 - Biloba Green (Elan Vital Recordings)

11. Michele Andreotti - So The Darkness Should Be The Light - Homeward (Elan Vital Recordings)

Artwork by Leslie Deboeur

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