Erd (Earth) unveils his project through a powerful opus of work. Erd’s music and soundstage is inspired by the deepness and mystery of caves and caverns which this release reflects; each track owing its name to an aspect of rocks and caves.

Tufa [a variety of limestone]:

Molecular rhythms that develop into vast atmospheres. Heavy blows, funky drums grow, ebb and flow, soft and continuous, technical in nature, universal in effect - encapsulating percussive changes come and go. Embracing, hypnotic, repetitive & releasing in every necessary moment. A sound stage set for the the club and the cavern.

Gneiss [a metamorphic rock]:

A refined, bold beginning quickly becomes a dancing body, a movement of metallic and organic sounds - churning, constantly pushing until their end, the close of a cycle returning to the start of the next turn, the end of one, the beginning of another. Relief only coming after the momentum has built enough energy, moving forward, off-kilter, the theme occupying the width.

Olm [a cave dwelling aquatic salamander]:

The salamander crosses dark waters, it’s body rotating calmly, the effect producing a powerful pulsing wave, searching for nothing, everything in its potential.

Cenote [a natural sinkhole resulting from limestone collapse]:

Simple and delightful structures form complex evolving percussion lines. Fast-paced dance culture compounded by non-conventional club sounds. Synth sounds decorate highs, reinforce the embellished-passing phrases, textural and tempting. A dread, occurring from the interplay of notes, creates constant change, encouraging your way deeper into the crevice.

Karst [a particular landform topography formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks]:

Moist mids and humid immersive deep burrowing lows. The melody and higher tones strong and like stone - they remain composed. Surfaces, angular below. Ascending into bulbous soft curves, start from the low and get through to what is above.

Music mixed by Brice Deloose aka Pattrn.

Music mastered by Kevin Erckens aka Azidax.

Artwork by Leslie Deboeur aka Leese.

Released by 08 November 2022
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Den Opus by Erd

by Pattrn, Erd, Airem

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