Reflexions Podcast 20

by Prylivy

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For our 20th podcast we welcome a talented dj & producer - Prylivy.

From New York, Prylivy has a distinct and solid ambient, deep and hypnotic techno sound.

In this podcast he takes us on a calm and serene journey ideal for your moments of relaxation and reverie.

For best listening experience, get comfortable, close your eyes and let the music do the rest :)


Folest - Geastrum

Sonmi451 - Bay Hatch

Gallery Six - A Wonderfully Ordinary Life

Amanita Phalloides, Heavenchord - Endless Summer Lullaby

Giuseppe Falivene - Innermost pt 2

ASC & Inhmost - Existential Theory

Zann - Julunggul

Respira - Whisper Of Fall

Petit Astronaute - Synchronicity

Warmth - Cirrus

Antendex - Breathe

Forest On Stasys - Dos Auras

Dino Sabatini - Homeward

Purl - Melora

Artwork by Leslie Deboeur.

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