It's been exactly four years since the previous installment of our Various Adepts series and we're now pleased to present the sequel, presenting three since-then thoroughly initiated adepts and one new addition to the guild.

Primal Code starts the record off by taking us into psychedelic jungle terrain where eerie melodies swirl along a trail trodden by a steady beat; a sound familiar to those who've had a chance to enjoy their latest Hypnus 12 'Caimano Tribe'.

This is followed by a refreshing composition from Birds ov Paradise whose signaturely layered melodic patterns flow over thumping beats that guides us further in.

On the flip side we open op the scenario as Feral paint something more driven albeit equally mind-bending with evocative leads slithering amidst a solid techno groove.

At last we're happy to present a new face within our sphere as Efraim Kent ends the journey with the tasteful tension that escalates through the final track 'Glyph'.

We hope that you'll enjoy the trip.



2019 - Volume IV (Primal Code, Birds ov Paradise, Feral, Efraim Kent)

2015 - Volume III (Anonymous)

2015 - Volume II (Luigi Tozzi, Feral, BLNDR)

2014 - Volume I (Luigi Tozzi, Ntogn, BLNDR, Antonio Vazquez, Eastern Renaissance)

Released by 12 December 2019
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Various Adepts Volume IV

by Feral, Birds ov Paradise, Primal Code, Efraim Kent

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