BLNDR’s debut album L’Observatoire is a nostalgic overview of his past few years. The following pair of twelve-inch records attempts to capture meaningful memories from travelling around the world, embodied with a marking touch of melancholia laced through most of the tracks. It is a contemplative ambient journey recorded in a period where fantasy and memory met.

This is our third full length album and the first in a line of albums that will be released over the remaining year and well into the next.

The release is scheduled for the June full moon


A1. Mont Blanc

A2. A Field

B1. Botanical Garden

B2. Transilien

B3. Narita Express

C1. The Castle in the Sky

C2. Aquarium

D1. Last Korean Sunset

D2. Cemetery Flowers

Released by 28 June 2018

Hypnus Records

Ever since the birth of consciousness there has been reverence of the unknown. We have always sought to understand what hides behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional ...

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BLNDR - Mont Blanc
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Two limited edition 180 gram twelve inch records inside a printed hansaboard sleeve with gustav brown paper inner sleeves.
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