HYPNAUGHTIC 016 | Eulogy

by Eulogy

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Today we introduce you to the talented Leipzig-based artist Eulogy also known as Boeckler. Although his pseudonym Eulogy is quite new, he already made himself a name in the hypnotic and mental techno scene. Not only is he the owner of Proselytizing, but also also part of PVC collective.

His music combines endless multi-percussive rhythmic energy, with spherical enlightenments of electronic music. By taking the listener deep down the rabbit hole, he spins an endless voyage of atmospheric circles and hits you with uncompromising baselines and trenchant drum patterns. His DJ-sets and productions both reflect his current era me of mind and the desire to control more and more the affection for bizarre sounds and noteworthy rhythms. We are very happy to not only share this podcast with you, but also to had him contributing to our first and recent release.

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